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Kamfee is a company which running in fashion industry and formed by 3 people (Andrianto, Fatimah and Rheyna). We provide sportswear products. As sportswear product apparel, they are focusing on providing the best feature to be worn while doing sport. For now, they are focusing on developing sport shirt and later will expand it into other products. Kamfee choose a high-quality fabric and specialty of the fabric is that it could fasten the absorption of the sweat to keep it dry and fresh. Not only about the quality of the product itself, as a company they need to keep the value of everything. They are creating the simple style and we maximize it all. The combination will give you the confidence while doing sports or even just for looking sporty. You can see in their tagline, “stronger with confidence”. Kamfee hope we all could be stronger and in order to achieve that, we need our confidence to face the world


Viage is start-up business founded by two students from bachelor of entrepreneurship, Bandung Institute of Technology. Viage is a company running in the bag industry with a mission to provide simplicity but has many bag function, perfect for you who want to feel the comfortness. Their product is 3 in 1 bag with simply design  that customer don’t need to detach the strap to change the bag, Viage using waterproof material that comfortable use because they want each customer to feel comfortable when use this bag. Not only about the quality of the product itself, as a company they need to keep the value of everything. They will make sure that our services to our customer will make them satisfied.Viage are now focused on creating customer needs for daily activities bag that has specialized characteristic


 It's all started when the two co-founders, Mr. Imam and Mr. Dewo having a small reunion in mid-2014 after months long of working offshore, far, far away from the glorious city lights. After hours of discussing about various topics, at some point, we both agree that there's an urgent need of a professional, reliable, efficient, yet flexible and affordable survey equipments company, mainly in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology that can support the development of Indonesian economics. Shortly afterwards Mr. Tio join to made us the complete three Geomac co-founders. In the beginning of 2017, Mr. Hartanto join to Geomac after long working in palm oil company. He beleieve that UAV very needed in palm oil estate for easier controlling palm oil area.

Batik Tali Air

Batik Tali Air merupakan wujud keindahan identitas bangsa yang kami ciptakan melalui karya batik kotemporer yang menyesuaikan dengan needs & wants serta shifting trends masyarakat. Kami menerapkan inovasi pada teknik pembuatanya, yaitu batik dengan teknik cap, namun tidak berulang. Seperti yanng kita ketahui, umumnya batik cap adalah design batik yang memiliki motif yang simetris berulang, namun tidak pada Batik Tali Air, dengan begitu kami menciptakan design batik yang lebih natural dan indah serta memiliki esensi yang tinggi. Teknik ini dapat digunakan untuk pengrajin yang belum memiliki keahlian membatik khususnya batik tulis. Alat yang digunakan pun sangat sederhana, hanya sebuah cap batik garis tegak lurus yang dapat menyusun beragam ragam hias dan motif, karena dalam ilmu seni rupa dan desain, garis merupakan unsur dari suatu bentuk. Batik tali air juga selalu up to date terhadap shifting trends yang terjadi dan mengeluarkan collection baru setiap 6 bulan sekali.

Papana Pancake

Papana Pancake is a new culinary business that providing pancakes. They want to delivering pancakes that can share the joy and provide the breakfast menu by the sweet and savory taste of our pancake. Also, want to delivering pancake that can be bite for everyone.

El Farm

El Farm is a business that runs in the healthy food sector, they support the movement of people becoming healthier and more aware on what they consume. Therefore, their main product is organic vegetables. Vegetables come directly from the land of the partner farmers located in Jawa Barat area. By providing their farmers with assistanceship, they help them in increasing the quality of organic vegetables that are produced. El Farm also collaborate in doing the sales promotion, that's why they provide a delivery service that is directly for end users. This is a unique way of selling because the high demand of fresh organic vegetables that people need these day, it is impossible for them to go on a daily basis to supermarkets.

Caramel ice cream

Caramel ice cream adalah kedai es krim yang berlokasi di jl ngagel jaya barat no 37 Surabaya. Berdiri pada tanggal 1 oktober 2015, berawal dari garasi kecil dan sekarang sudah berkembang menjadi kafe. Sesuai dengan slogannya yaitu a different way to eat ice cream, caramel berkonsep kedai/kafe yang menyediakan kreasi es krim yang unik dan berbeda dari kafe es krim lainya seperti es krim batok kelapa, burger ice crea, red velvet ice cream dan masih banyak lagi es krim yang akan diinovasikan caramel. Konsumen dapat memilih wadah es krim, rasa es krim, toping, sirup, dan masih banyak lagi.


Oddisey was established in April 2017 that bring back the classic shoes design for those who want stand out in the crowd from the boring modern shoes. With timeless characteristic, classic shoes design last for a lifetime. Moreover, Classic design is very versatile that you can wear on almost any occasion. For better performance, Oddisey also use the best material of modern shoes. The material is durable waterproof canvas, breathable mesh lining, and ultra-light outsole.


ILUVIA was established in 2 of December 2016 and consist of two people. The name of the company is ILUVIA. It is the Spanish, which means rains. Iluvia is pocket able parka that you wear when it is raining or not. It is a multi-purpose outdoor outfit as well. People can wear it whether it is raining or not, because it is made of high quality waterproof materials and the design are up-to-date to fashion nowadays. People should not be worry to play with the rain anymore from now on. ILUVIA integrates traditional methods and innovative techniques to create a simple and stylish rainwear to last beyond the season.


Avant Grande was established in 2017 by 2 undergraduate students from SBM ITB who has passion on jeans and raw denim and has desire to be active in society by educating people about jeans and raw denim itself and developing the premium jeans sector for people who seeks for the plus size jeans. They believed that they couldn’t change the customer’s habit and lifestyle, however with their concept they tried the best to give the ultimate comfort and satisfaction on using their product for daily basis.


Mii is ready to wear fashion’s company that established in 2016, and based on Bandung. Mii consist of 3 (three) heads. Each person’s in Mii have different ability to running this business, but we have one same vision; to increase the awareness of nationalism to our local citizens. As may they know, Indonesian know more appreciate everything that comes from foreign country, the self-belonging of our culture is decrease as the increase of demands of import’s product. They have that fear, now or later, slow or faster the nationalism of our local citizens is gone. That’s why they will make something that, at least, can make people aware of Indonesia’s treasure that sink in time after time. Mii hope that Indonesian awareness and knowledge about Tenun are increase. Mii is ready-to-wear fashion company  that  combining  the uniqueness of streetwear with the beauty of Indonesia hidden treasure: Tenun.


99Properti is a website map-based property search engine for buyers, sellers, and renters who want to buy, sell or rent their property, 99properti will provide platform to make the process easy.


AESTH Creative Studio is a company that will help you to fulfill design needs of your business. They engaged with graphic design, photography, website, illustration, and other design fields. You don’t have to hire designer anymore!

EGOWIS Healthy Ice Cream

 EGOWIS Healthy Ice Cream is a healthy food product in the form of ice cream. The ice cream is packaged mainly in a cup and can be sold in many retail store, restaurant or even a food event. The EGOWIS Healthy Ice Cream will be packaged in more form to suit more market needs. For people that has a passion for healthier life, this is the opportunity for our product to fit the market.  EGOWIS Ice Cream is one of the innovative food product from water hyacinth that is combined with other ingredients, including soy, sesame and secang. The existence of this ice cream will become a repressive solution of eutrofication handling that has an added value

Mow! Meal on Way

Mow! Meal on Way is culinary business that focused on providing a simple and tasty homemade food that can be enjoyed on the way. Mow! Also bring the international taste through the product created with local ingredients. The company try to develop Frozen Food product to extend the lifetime of the toppings and can be delivered it to everywhere. Mow! Can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime!


Supaku adalah sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang kuliner. Usaha ini dirintis oleh dua orang co-founder yaitu Nisa Nurjanah dan Isnah Karimah. Keduanya adalah mahasiswa dari program studi Kewirausahaan SBM-ITB 2014.


Asepdev is a design-build firm take on the responsibilities of architects, interior designers, and contractors, all under one roof. These full-service firms focus on a streamlined design-build process - from the initial design to estimating phase to physical construction - in the hope of creating an efficient process yet aesthetic experiment in the making, our projects vary from FnBs, office, coworking space, retail, etc.


Our product engaged in healthy food by promoting the usage No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), No Preservatives, and Homemade. My company’s name is Himawari.


Furikake adalah makanan instan yang dapat dijadikan sebagai pelengkap makanan dan juga bisa langsung dimakan untuk dijadikan cemilan. Furikake Rice Seasoning membawa konsep "Indonesian Taste Japanese Sensation" " sebagai konsep utama kami sebagai perusahaan. Sehingga produk yang kita buat akan memiliki cita rasa khas Indonesia dengan nuansa Jepang.


IGI merupakan pelatihan yang dilaksanakan di sekolah menyediakan pengajar berkualitas dan berpengalaman di ranah olimpiade sains tingkat nasional atau internasional untuk sembilan bidang yang dilombakan pada ajang OSN


Bondavista merupakan sebuah platform yang menawarkan pelayanan jasa pada konsumennya. Jasa yang ditawarkan yaitu, menghubungkan pihak-pihak yang berkecimpung dalam dunia bisnis, contohnya adalah pemilik start-up business dan investor, pemilik acara dan perusahaan (pemberi sponsor), maupun perusahaan dan perusahaan untuk menjalin kerja sama. merupakan salah satu local brand yang menawarkan produk fashion wanita dengan konsep chic dan simple, meliputi produk atasan, celana, rok dan dress. Dengam memakai produk diharapkan setiap wanita akan merasa nyaman dan membuat mereka lebih cantik juga percaya diri.


LIYAMSÉ, one brand of luxury shoes, which formerly put the uniqueness of the product on the design and heels has yet to be brought into the market.

March Media

March News adalah sebuah kantor berita yang menampilkan konten-konten faktual, dekat dengan masyarakat, dibalut dalam nuansa kaum muda yang menyegarkan, dan dapat dinikmati oleh semua kalangan. Berita yang disajikan oleh March News tidak hanya terbatas pada isu-isu yang sedang hangat diperbincangkan oleh masyarakat saja, namun juga meliputi permasalahan yang tidak sering disorot oleh media massa mainstream. Isu-isu sosial, politik, ekonomi, pendidikan, dan budaya merupakan kategori primer yang menjadikan konten March News.


MixNMatch is an e-commerce designed to become the market leader in web based sales of moslem fashion and its accessories. We are focusing this e-commerce to rise up SMEs of moslem fashion with low-middle production capacity. MixNMatch with its focus to promote SMEs with limited capability in production, capital and marketing access in one side, and fulfill stylish moslem woman in a whole package, will certainly attract moslem fashionista. is an online marketplace platform that facilitates our users to sell and buy a used car private party with add on services such as car inspection, access to financing, closure of transaction and we even deliver test drives to customer’s door. Our mission is to make it easy for private sellers to sell their vehicle to another person without all the trust issues, amateur photography and insecurities about what the right price really is.


Nikclothes adalah bisnis yang bergerak di bidang fashion khususnya pakaian untuk wanita.Kami menyediakan produk yang up to date simple, unik dan berkualitas.

Queenbee Bouquet

Queenbee.bouquet is one of floris business that offer to the market with new innovation, by using acrylic and ceramic as its raw material. Queenbee.bouquet gives some value added, which are everlasting and high creatifity to the consumers. Every bouquet flowers created by using creatif hand, so it’s hand made product. This concept is different from other floris that have been established before in Indonesia.

Save My Monday

Designed for every active people, Save My Monday, is a fashion brand for people who have rugged soul, freedom, and hard works. Inspired by biker’s culture who has a free soul and high solidarity, our brand serves you with the new way to express yourself from fashion to attitude. We always put freedom and rough at first for every product’s, and it becomes our standard for every products quality including material, details, and durability. With all of these reason , our products speak louder to be your everyday ready-to-use essentials. We believe there's always new adventure every day, with every obstacle and challenge that will keep us alive.


Weerus merupakan produk digital berupa website yang menyediakan ilmu-ilmu untuk menjalankan, memulai, atau mengembangkan bisnis. Tujuan utama dibuatnya Weerus adalah untuk meningkatkan jumlah wirausahawan di Indonesia. Target market dari Weerus adalah para pemula bisnis/wirausaha dengan usia 18 – 35 tahun. akan memiliki berbagai macam fitur, diantaranya konten (materi) yang berbentuk video, forum, dan konsultasi. Kami akan membuat sistem membership bagi pengguna Weerus apabila ingin mendapatkan akses penuh.

Buyforother adalah sebuah platform berbasis teknologi yang dikembangkan untuk memudahkan orang berbagi berupa barang untuk orang yang membutuhkan, semudah berbelanja online. Saat ini buyforother telah memiliki sebuah platform berupa website yang dapat diakses melalui

By Grow

By Grow is a mobile app where parents can check and capture every stages of their children growth every time and every-where, doctors/midwives can collect data of baby growth in one district or one country efficiently and government and health institution can get up to national data of baby growth easily. This mobile app has 4 main features; simulation guidelines, measurement-detect-early recommendation, milestone book and baby & mom needs store.


RE.FRESH offered healthy food and baverage that support healthy lifestyle. Their product consist of granola, greek yogurt and jelly parfait which have several benefit such as guilt-free, healthy, energized and refreshed. merupakan web atau app yang menyediakan jasa-jasa seperti Pembelian atau penjualan langsung ternak, Pembelian atau penjualan tanpa perpindahan ternak, Pembelian atau penjualan investasi yang berkaitan dengan ternak.


Yardd merupakan bisnis yang bergerak di bidang arsitektur dan desain interior dengan visi menciptakan gagasan kreatif dan inovatif dalam menjawab kebutuhan arsitektur yang sesuai dengan kontekstual, relefan dan menyenangkan.


Vacashawl, One of brand which offered moslem fashion and its accessories (Hijab). Their tag line “Describe you better”, where the purpose of branding is to use this product will provide a better description for the customer or provide a positive image.